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We are your Freedom Coaches!

Here to help you keep your High Achiever Status without burning out or putting your happiness last.

Maggie Tatum

Self Worthiness Healer
Empowerment Educator

Christine Bar Noël

Sustainable Systems Specialist
Performance Coach for High Achievers

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Who We Help

We work with high achievers who have sacrificed themselves to have it all. People who have done work and created the lives that they thought would bring them joy but are unhappy. People who are stuck on the hamster wheel of life, always doing and feeling like they're not getting anywhere. These people have the potential achieve at a high level while still enjoying living in the house they are building, but are lacking the systems, tools, mindset, and guidance on how to do it.

What We Do

We help our high achieving clients build and scale successful personal and professional lives with high profit, efficient teams, personal time, and a balanced family life. We do this through our 16-week online academy: Freedom Mindset Academy and our monthly community membership:  Happy High Achievers. Our programs are designed to increase: time, efficiency & happiness.

Our Philosophy

We help you strike the perfect balance between personal and professional success and happiness. To achieve this harmony, we build lifestyles based on six core pillars:

1. Awareness – see clearly

2. Intention – aligned action

3. Simplicity – have more, do less

4. Sustainability  – permanent solutions

5. Fun – making time for rest and play

6. Ease – Uncomplicated living


Maggie: The Divine Healer

Christine: The World Champion

The Partnership

The Gap In The Market

Meet Maggie — our empowerment educator. After years of chasing happiness through box-checking, burnout-inducing work hours, and ill-adapted coping mechanisms, she decided to take a hard stop and reevaluate the way she was living. During her Great-Come-Apart/Spiritual-Awakening, she found and faithfully put into practice a few life-altering strategies that have allowed her, at long last, to access the happiness, fulfillment, ease, and love she so ardently sought. So if you’ve “done all the things” and “met all the goals” but are still feeling lost and stuck and empty—if you’re ready to access all of the magic and deep connection that this life has to offer, Maggie is the coach for you. She has a Master’s Degree in Special Education with a focus in emotional intelligence, self-regulation, and self-actualization, and she is a certified Life Coach and Breathwork Facilitator. Maggie combines her expertise in all of these areas to deliver you the right tools so that you can live life BIG.

Meet Christine Bar Noël — our performance coach. Christine grew up in a ballroom dance family and learned at a very young age the perks of being a high achiever. She's bilingual, was born in France, was a straight A student, Honor Roll, and excelled at everything she tried. At the age of 21, Christine became a World Rhythm Champion in ballroom dancing which further solidified that her perfectionist personality was going to take her all the way. She went on to develop and manage multiple successful businesses in the events, social media & sales and marketing spaces and thrived in this hustle culture all through her 20's. Once she met her current husband, everything came crashing down (emotionally). Christine was entering into a new chapter of her life and that meant living in survival mode, being everything to everyone and hustling everyday to 'live the dream' just wasn't going to cut it. She spent the next 5 years diving deep into burnout recovery, breaking cycles of perfection, creating a healthy work-life balance and what it really meant to be happy. Everything she found seemed to imply that you can't have life balance and be a high Christine entered the chat. She now coaches and guides entrepreneurs through her community & academy to build sustainable systems, change habits, add rest & play and enjoy their work all while maintaining their high achiever status. It can be done and in order to have longevity you have to live in the house your building.

One day Maggie reached out to Christine to be on her podcast the Recovering Perfectionist. The conversation was electric and there was an immediate synergy. They talked later and realized they had common business and community goals and most importantly different strengths and specialties. They discovered that when they put their curriculums together it felt like the complete picture of sustainable living as an entrepreneur, but they didn't quite know the vehicle they would use to deliver their message to the world.

The problem they had was they didn't see a single business coach or program that taught entrepreneurs how to build a sustainable entrepreneurial lifestyle. There were only business coaches teaching how to pick a niche, build an irrestiable offer, create a sales funnel and set up ads. Entrepreneurs know that once you have an idea and pay a business coach, you eat, sleep and breath your business. Sleep? Food? Shower? There are sales to be made and people to help. But this was not what we wanted and we didn't want to teach future entrepreneurs how to be a slave to their businesses.

So they hired a business coach that helped them build Freedom Mindset Academy and thus the Freedom Coaches we're born! Inside this 4 month academy is a step-by-step, intentional curriculum for entrepreneurs to help them avoid or recover burnout and stop sacrificing themselves for success. These modules include: sustainable systems & habit building, self worthiness healing, rewriting limiting beliefs, organizing your schedule, setting healthy boundaries, adding rest & play to your life.....all while scaling a business to 6 or 7 figures. You can have it all, you just to trust yourself and build the right systems.

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