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Get Unstuck.
Live with Ease.
Own Your Time.

Create more time and freedom . . . without sacrificing yourself in the process



✓ You could take a self-care day (or week) and not fall behind with personal or professional responsibilities.

✓ You could wake up everyday and plan your schedule based on how you feel not on what needs to get done.

✓ You could feel motivated & balanced doing what you love.

✓ You could feel like you have plenty of time and choose how to use it.

✓ You could live in joy, success & abundance instead of fear, stress & burnout.

✓ You could set healthy boundaries with loved ones and still maintain quality relationships.

✓ You could grow a team to help you scale your life and still have time to enjoy what you're building.

✓ You had access to mentorship anytime you felt stuck or overwhelmed.

✓ You could build the life of your dreams and actually enjoy it instead of living in survival mode to maintain it.

✓ You could learn how to love yourself and develop a healthy relationship with your emotions.

✓ You could actually have MORE by doing LESS.

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Freedom Mindset Academy is a 90 day, step-by-step mentorship program that helps you scale your personal and professional life without the stress and burnout. Inside you'll learn everything you need to know about:  getting unstuck & out of survival mode, working with your biology instead of against it, creating sustainable systems, setting healthy boundaries, developing a CEO mindset, building a team, cultivating a positive community, self worth healing and so much more through our online curriculum.


When you join, you'll get placed in a group (of less than 30 students) with two expert level, dedicated coaches to guide you through this journey. Within the first 30 days, you'll have a clear focus on what isn't working and begin laying the groundwork for your customized sustainable systems.

Freedom Mindset Academy will give you everything you need to scale your lifestyle & take back your time:

Proven Process: 12 module online training with individualized guidance. We give you video training, prebuilt, proven systems, tools & resources, morning & evening routines and so much more.

Weekly Coaching: 2 hours, twice a week Q&A calls with your dedicated coach where you can ask your questions live and get personalized advice specific to your lifestyle & business.

Accountability: Access to your coaches and community help you keep track of your progress, get un-stuck, and hold you to your highest standard.

Unlimited Support: In-between calls, you'll have access to your coach (through our learning platform) who can answer questions, give feedback, help to troubleshoot, and move you forward.

Like-Minded Community: It's hard to change your life surrounded by the same people all the time. Join a community of like-minded freedom seekers with the same goals as you.

Mastering Your Mindset: We've engineered a unique method for creating lasting change. Use our proven methods to eliminate resistance, bad habits, and limiting beliefs, and replace them with a new level of confidence, courage, peace.

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✓ You desire to scale your personal & professional life, but don't know where to start.

✓ You want to bring your vision board to life, but don't have enough hours in the day.

✓ You want to create a sustainable work-life balance.

✓ You desire more time to spend with those you love doing what you love.

✓ You want to be able to sustainably kick old habits and develop new, healthy ones.

✓ Build a more loving relationship with yourself.

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