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(The catch: Must bring a buddy)

Imagine having more free time and actually doing something meaningful with it that brings you joy while still being able to achieve at a high level.


✓ Our Proven Method to Being a 'Happy High Achiever'

 Weekly Growth Calls with Q&A

 Accountability and Support Inside Our Private Community

✓ Our Total Life Reboot Playbook

Resolve burnout, the feeling of never being enough and constantly reaching for milestones society says will make you happy WITHOUT spending thousands on high ticket coaches and programs. 

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Megan Fry

"One week into launching my health coaching business I signed 5 clients! Maggie & Christine understood where

I wanted to be & had the tools/systems to get me there."

Lynn Duhe

"Meeting Maggie and Christine was like a breath of fresh air. This team blended together like puzzle pieces to assist me in creating both the systems and wholeness that I needed to move on from disappointment into open doors and new opportunities."

This Membership is For You If.....

✓  You want to achieve at a high level without sacrificing rest & play

✓  You want to master your mindset for better results

✓  You want to eliminate seasons of self sabotage and hitting emotional walls.

✓  You want to learn how to make quicker and better decisions. 

✓  You want to build magnetic self worth and have a more loving relationship with yourself. 

✓  You want to be able to sustainably kick old habits and develop new, healthy ones.

✓  You feel like you have it all but are still unhappy.

✓  You like FREE stuff!


(The catch: Must bring a buddy)

Our Proven INERGY Method

Daily Support & Weekly Calls

Like-Minded Community

This is our proven method we created for our signature program that you will have lifetime access to once you join the membership. When followed with intention and consistency, our clients see more time freedom, burnout cycles eliminated, healthy self worthiness and over all living with ease and happiness.

This is truly the special sauce of the membership and when taken advantage of, will deliver you great results. You will have direct chat support access to us and a community of like-minded peers growing and evolving just like you. We will also host weekly Q&A calls where you can ask us anything you want and get real-time support.

The hardest part when you're suffering is the feeling of being alone, like no one else can possibly understand what you're going through. Well, we feel ya, we have create a like-minded community of High Achievers that can't seem to find that right balance and continue hitting walls of overwhelm trying to achieve it all. Come aboard, we're healing together!

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Alex Tarr.png

Mbalia Tagoe

"This academy was a game-changer. I have life-changing tools to refer back to when I need, and remind myself of key messages that have helped me create my dream lifestyle....PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION."

Alex Tarr

"I have completely up-leveled my life and I don't even recognize that girl from the first clarity call. I don't feel hopeless or stuck anymore and I have rebuilt my daily routines the right way with systems for work & play!"

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Free? What's the catch? No catch, just two people who want to share space with a like-minded community and add value so that we can all thrive!

  • What happens if I get overwhelmed and don't know what to do? Have no fear. You have access to message us with any questions you have. You do not have to suffer in silence! Also we encourage utilizing the community for extra support.

  • Why do I have a to bring a friend?? Never underestimate an accountability buddy! You're going to be growing and evolving through your habits, self talk and mindset and it's important to share those wins with someone close to you. 

  • How soon before I see results? Typically, clients begin to start owning their power after 1 month of consistent intentional action, however, it is up to YOU to do the work. The more involved you are in the group and the more you show up for the bi-weekly calls, the quicker you will become a Happy High Achiever!


(The catch: Must bring a buddy)

Find Your People, Find Your Joy!

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Christine & Maggie founded The Freedom Coaches with a mission to educate entrepreneurs on how to keep their high achiever status by building a sustainable lifestyle with rest and play included. To create more free time and actually do something with it that brings meaning and joy. Our Freedom Mindset Academy was designed to help you achieve all your goals without sacrificing yourself in the process. We’re busting down hustle culture and rewriting the narrative, so you can have MORE by doing LESS. What are you waiting for? Next year, to be in the same place, struggling to stay ahead, trying to do it all and still not being where you want?? Don’t be that person! It's time to live in the house you're building!

Ready to live with ease? Join Now!

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